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Hi! Thanks for taking a moment to check out my website. I specialize in wedding photography primarily in Appleton and Green Bay, WI. I also service mostly Northeast Wisconsin, and throughout. I have 12 years experience shooting weddings, boudoir, families, seniors and children. Weddings are the majority of what I do.
I LOVE weddings!


My thoughts on Weddings?....

Weddings are magic. A good photographer doesn't create magic at your wedding, You do. I don't care what anyone else says. A good wedding photographer is there when the magic happens. They dont make you smile.It's your wedding day; believe me you are smiling. And crying. And hugging everyone! You're happy. Your husbands happy, and God knows your mom is happy! No, my job isn't to be obtrusive or unobtrusive, for that matter, it's just to be there. To be present. To know whats going on, and more importantly, what's about to happen. A good photographer has more than a good eye. They have intuition. I could tell you this comes from experience - and maybe I would have 10 years ago - but Im not sure I believe that anymore. I think its something you have...or you dont.

I dont have to tell you what to look for. You'll know it when you see it. Here's what I mean: Can you look at someone else's wedding pictures and feel like you were there? Do they make you smile?

I dont know you...yet. The purpose is for you to know me a little. For instance, although I love everything about shooting weddings, I do have a favorite. Its when you put your wedding dress on! Now, I dont care how many times youve tried that dress on: I dont care if youve tried it on more than once that day. But when you put it on "for real" a little bit of magic happens. Your whole demeanor changes. Your face changes. Through my camera, sometimes I swear I can see you as a little girl. I know I didn't make it happen, but I'm grateful to be there witnessing it. And I'm honored that I can help you keep that instant in time.

Thats what I do...

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